Grey Routes Pose Hidden Threat to Text Messaging: Part 2, Enterprises

Grey routes are a serious threat that cost operators and enterprises millions of dollars in lost revenues each year. These low-quality messaging routes present a risk to operators whose networks are inappropriately used, to enterprises whose reputations can be damaged, and to mobile users who can become victims of fraudulent schemes. It’s crucial that these routes be shut down since they can cause harm to so many parts of the mobile ecosystem.

In the audio clips below, which represent part two of a two-part series on grey routes, I address some more of the common questions I get about grey routes. Here, I specifically discuss how grey routes affect enterprises that either knowingly or unknowingly are having messages transmitted using grey routes. This includes, among other things, how the detection of a grey route can prevent an enterprise’s message from being delivered and how an enterprise can counter this risk.

I invite you to listen to my remarks and chime in with your comments on this distinct mobile threat.

1. What particular threat do grey routes pose to enterprises?

2. What’s an example of how grey routes could affect an enterprise in, say, the finance, retail or travel industry?

3. How is the threat of grey routes for enterprises being diminished?

4. What are the most effective ways for enterprises to counter grey routes?

5. What is the worst-case scenario of grey routes for enterprises?


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Chris Wright is Vice President of Product Management at Syniverse.

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