Brands Get Closer to Customers via Mobile

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The benefits and challenges of reaching each customer as a market of one.

With the potential for new and exciting end-user experiences delivered through the multiplicity of intelligent devices and expansive high-bandwidth connections, it’s not surprising that mobile is becoming inextricably intertwined into brands’ business strategies. For an example of the rich experiences mobile can deliver to consumers, picture yourself embarking on a trip to the shopping mall, but imagine a completely unique experience in which the stores you frequent know your preferences and buying patterns and interact with you on a personal level.

It’s Saturday morning—your typical shopping day—and your phone buzzes with a mobile coupon for your usual beverage from the neighborhood café. Instead of making coffee at home, you decide to stop in for a specialty drink on your way to the mall. Later, your favorite electronics store recognizes that you are at the mall and reminds you that you have an unfinished online order for a new tablet. The store offers a 10 percent discount if you come by and buy it today. You complete the purchase, and shortly after you receive an offer for a case that fits the tablet.

While you wait to meet friends for lunch, you activate your new tablet and browse the Web. However, some of your usual online locations don’t recognize you on the new device, and you’re frustrated at having to re-authenticate repeatedly. On the other hand, a few websites seamlessly work in the background to validate your identity and transactions. Your frustrations fade away as your favorite subscription-based news website notes that you’ve been authenticated and provides tips on how to get the best experience while using the new device.

While advanced and challenging, the underpinnings for these personal engagement and financial control experiences are starting to become available. In the future, fraud prevention and mobile marketing will become fluid and require less end-user involvement as mobile identity attributes, location and messaging become increasingly available as tools for brands to enhance their business strategies.

However, today’s mobile landscape is highly fragmented, and brands are constrained to evolve brittle legacy systems to integrate pertinent end-user information required to deliver these personalized experiences across disparate networks, applications and devices. Integration is not simple, but fortunately new cloud-based service delivery models and aggregation partners are also becoming available to reduce the development effort required from each brand and provide flexible alternatives that accelerate time to value.

With an increasing amount of resources available, brands must evolve their mindset now from broad segmentation to personalized services—a challenging, yet exciting undertaking that gets them closer to the customer. The payoff for these efforts is highly personalized relationships with customers that create the most engaging, profitable experiences possible.

Jamie Mills, Vice President of Enterprise Messaging, breaks down how mobile is opening a new level of engagement for brands and end users.

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