Problem Solved: Streamlining Roaming Services

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Streamlining Roaming Services Improves Efficiency, Boosts Customer Satisfaction for BTC.

Mobile service providers worldwide contend with the complexity of managing multiple supplier relationships and continuously evolving technology on a daily basis. These challenges have been compounded by end users’ exceedingly high expectations for flawless service when using a new generation of content, apps and services regardless of where they travel.

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) undertook a new strategic approach to growing its business in this complex environment, and the operator’s story offers a valuable lesson on how to address some of the most pressing mobile challenges.

To enable its roaming services, the Caribbean operator had been managing multiple vendor relationships and connections, which were complicated and time-consuming to maintain. For this reason, BTC turned to Syniverse to streamline its core roaming services, reducing the number of vendor relationships and connections BTC had to manage while also realizing new efficiencies that would allow it to focus on delivering a superior customer experience. Over the course of 2012, the company implemented several roaming solutions that resulted in increased data usage, fewer billing disputes and reduced churn.

BTC first deployed an IPX network solution to help optimize its current network performance and simplify its future transition to 4G. The deployment has since reduced international connectivity outages by more than 95 percent, removing a major point of congestion that has improved quality of service and contributed to a 400 percent rise in data usage on BTC’s network.

In addition to these benefits, the single connection to Syniverse’s IPX provided access to a range of core roaming services as well as advanced real-time intelligence solutions that allow BTC to proactively improve end-user experiences and deliver personalized engagement. Through these advanced tools, BTC has been able to monitor end-user experiences as they happen, enabling real-time experience management capabilities such as proactive notifications that reduce the risk of bill shock. As a result, the number of billing-related customer inquiries has decreased by more than 50 percent since the solution went live.

In addition to revenue generation and cost savings, the IPX and real-time intelligence solutions have led to a stellar improvement in BTC’s customer satisfaction, resulting in a 40 percent decrease in churn.

BTC’s experience offers an important example of success that can be emulated by mobile service providers around the globe. By reducing operational burden, service providers have the freedom to explore new ways to enhance subscriber experiences, allowing them to succeed in a complex mobile environment by delivering on the increased expectations of today’s end users. 

John Wick and Mary Clark, the heads of Syniverse’s network and roaming lines of business, respectively, discuss how real-time intelligence is creating new areas of value and efficiency for roaming.


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