Tue From Hermansen

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Senior Director, Advanced Network Services and Data Roaming Engine

Having worked on both sides of the operator-solutions provider business relationship, Tue From Hermansen has experience that helps him to identify how Syniverse can empower mobile service providers globally to exceed the expectations of their end users. Joining via the acquisition, and based in Luxembourg, Tue leads a team focused on bridging mobile service providers with enterprises, ISPs, app providers and more. We recently caught up with Tue to discuss his life and work at Syniverse.

What do you hear from customers about Syniverse?

TUE: Customers view Syniverse as a well-respected, go-to resource for all their mobile needs that bridges the space between the varied and dynamics players in the mobile ecosystem. Our virtualized services have helped them to generate growth at a faster pace, and they appreciate our genuine interest in driving their success. Customers are willing to share with us how we can better serve them, which is great because it allows us to further tailor our offerings to better anticipate their needs.

How is working at Syniverse unlike working anywhere else?

TUE: Syniverse’s diverse, expansive customer base and global presence make for a unique, dynamic work environment. In any normal day, teams can be working with large and small mobile operators as well as app providers and over-the-top players located in nearly every country across the globe, creating value for each unique segment of the mobile world. I’ve never worked for a company that is so dedicated to investing in the future of mobile through research and development of new solutions. The sky is the limit when you’re working at Syniverse, and our customers as well as end users around the globe will ultimately benefit from the company’s innovation.

Tell us about the work environment at Syniverse.

TUE: The passion my co-workers have for what they do is inspiring and motivates me more than anything else. Whether it’s a new value proposition or a new customer opportunity, the enthusiasm across our organization for what’s on the horizon makes me excited about our future in mobile. Moreover, we’re all working together to make mobile work for our customers, and this pervasive energy helps us to drive long-term success for mobile service providers and enterprises around the world.

How do you spend your time away from the office?

TUE: I enjoy spending time with my wife and children when I’m away from the office. With three young boys – ages 2, 4 and 7 – I try to make as much quality time making memories with them as possible. I also enjoy running, biking, tennis and playing guitar in my spare time. 

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