Syniverse Brings Together Top Minds to ‘MIX’ It Up in Luxembourg

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Of the many ways we deliver value to our customers, the occasions when we’re able to host and huddle with customers from around the globe in one location is one of my favorites. Technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch and work in online forums to collaborate remotely, but I’m always amazed at how rewarding it is to have an event where we can spend quality time with our customers – and our customers with each other – to trade ideas face to face. I just returned from one of these events, on March 28 in Luxembourg, and I would like to relay some of the insights shared.

MIX, our Mobile Innovators Xchange (MIX) group, is a community of Syniverse customers – mobile service providers, cable and Internet providers, and enterprises – that brings together our customer experts with Syniverse specialists to collaborate on issues shaping the future of mobile. Since we created MIX in 2010, we’ve held nine conferences in a variety of cities that have included Cologne, Germany; Nice, France; and San Diego, California, and Key Biscayne, Florida, in the U.S.

The conference kicked off immediately following the BARG #83 event, also in Luxembourg, and we were privileged to have customers from more than 30 countries join us. The gathering included a full day of presentations and discussions on what Syniverse sees as some of the most important issues and trends in mobile.

MIX Spring 2014 Session

Me (left) leading one of the sessions.

The topics included, among others, navigating the new EU roaming regulations, migrating to LTE, and driving roaming profitability with fraud protection and revenue assurance. Each session was co-led by a Syniverse colleague along with a guest speaker. I enjoyed presenting in both the “Enabling the New Customer Roaming Experience” and the “Taking an Empirical Approach to Price Segmentation and Tariff Modeling” sessions.

By far, the most notable part of each session was the interactive discussion. Those discussions started direct exchanges between the speakers and individual attendees, and they soon sparked a full-bodied conversation among all the attendees and created an environment where we all learned almost as much from each other as from the speakers’ presentations. For example, in the discussion on the EU regulations, my Syniverse colleagues heard validation from customer attendees on the approach used for some of the services we developed, while other attendees touched on how future strategies would need to address how mobile service providers respond to the regulations. The exchanges in all the sessions were fast, spontaneous and thought-provoking.

MIX Spring 2014 Event

Our MIX networking dinner, which kicked off the conference.

We look forward to our other hosted events this year and to building on the momentum of our industry conference appearances, which include the splash we made we made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. We’re excited about what lies ahead for areas like LTE, real-time intelligence and mobile context, and we want to continue the collaboration to help our customers deliver more advanced services to their end users.

What advanced services do you think will be important for us to focus on in our future events? LTE, data roaming, mobile context, location-based services, real-time intelligence, others? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section on the content of the day, the speakers, format and schedule. We sincerely appreciate your time in replying and greatly value your feedback.


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