LTE Roaming Takes the Spotlight at CCA Convention and CTIA Super Mobility Week

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LTE promises an exciting new era for the mobile experience, but several critical challenges remain for the mobile industry in realizing this future. Chief among these is enabling global roaming for LTE, and next week I’ll be sharing some perspectives on this challenge at the Annual Convention of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and at Super Mobility Week, held by CTIA-The Wireless Association.

In particular, LTE roaming presents a host of new technology and business challenges to mobile network operators (MNOs) of all sizes in their migration to 4G services. On the technology side, MNOs must have a high-performance testing environment to be able to vet and validate a multitude of new and complex processes. This is especially true for LTE roaming, for which many standards are still evolving and implementations can vary widely from MNO to MNO.

The business side of LTE deployment also entails challenges. To ensure connections to the largest number of other LTE networks and offer the widest global coverage for subscribers, MNOs deploying LTE may have to modify or establish a number of business relationships with other MNOs using LTE.

Underlying all these challenges as the most critical is guaranteeing a seamless and consistent user experience. As users begin the transition from legacy networks to 4G, MNOs must ensure their networks interoperate and offer the ubiquitous coverage that their customers have come to expect. Critically, as customers grow accustomed to the speed and innovation of LTE, they will increasingly expect access to the same quality of experience wherever they travel.

Syniverse has been making considerable progress in helping MNOs address these challenges, and in Las Vegas next week, I’ll be discussing some of this work in presentations at two industry conferences. I invite you to join me at the CCA Annual Convention for a keynote presentation I’m delivering, “LTE Roaming and Inter-Operability: Managing Complexity in the Move to 4th Generation Mobile Services,” on Sept. 9, and also invite you to come to Super Mobility Week to catch my session, “Roam if You Want To: The 411 on LTE Roaming,” also on Sept. 9. And if you’re in the neighborhood, please drop by the Syniverse booths at the CCA Annual Convention (booth number 337) and Super Mobility Week (booth number 4351).

In addition to LTE roaming, I’ll also be touching on an emerging area of mobile – “mobile context” – that Syniverse has helped define and that we forecast will present a new $44 billion annual market opportunity. Mobile context is the insight into subscriber information, usage and location that is available to operators and that can be offered to companies to improve the customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

In a new article in CCA’s news magazine, CCA Voice, I discuss mobile context in more depth in an article titled “Mobile Context Offers Unparalleled Levels of User Engagement.” Following rapid advances in technologies and usage patterns that have transformed mobile users’ expectations for interacting with brands, it will be increasingly critical for MNOs to integrate mobile context to meet mobile consumers’ increasing expectations.

We’re looking forward to helping enable the new era of LTE and mobile context, and we hope you can join us at the CCA Annual Convention and Super Mobility Week to find out more about our vision for these two areas. In the meantime, I look forward to any of your thoughts on the challenges of LTE roaming. Do you think enabling roaming interoperability will be one of the biggest challenges in the transition to LTE? To what degree do you think that users will demand near-perfect LTE roaming service? Please leave a comment.

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