IPX Critical to Next Phase of LTE Growth in MENA

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LTE_MENA-ThumbnailThis is an exciting time for mobile in the Middle East and Africa. As both a professional in the mobile industry and a resident of the Middle East, I have witnessed a revolution in the way that people here integrate mobile with their lifestyles over the last few years.

One of the next big chapters in this revolution will be the availability of high-speed LTE networks. A large population and rising mobile usage are driving the increasing pace of this rollout across the region. Moreover, because many rural areas in the region have low wireline penetration, the fixed-line stage of Internet connectivity is being bypassed in a lot of areas, and many consumers are moving directly to mobile as their main way to go online.

I recently had the opportunity to explain this in a just-published article for SAMENA Trends magazine, a publication of the SAMENA (South Asia Middle East North Africa Trends) Telecommunications Council. In the article, “IPX Critical to Next Phase of LTE Growth,” I describe how LTE rollout is being sparked across the Middle East and North Africa, and how IPX is a technology emerging as a crucial enabler for this major transition.

I invite you to read more about the potential that I think IPX offers in enabling LTE across the region, and I would appreciate getting any of your thoughts. Please share them in the comments section.

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Nour Al Atassi is a former Regional Vice President and Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa at Syniverse.

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