The Rise of the Mobile Tourist

EyeforTravel_Webinar-ThumbnailBeginning last year, new EU roaming regulations, for the first time, began allowing residents to buy roaming services from providers outside their home operators, and this change promises to transform the way that people in Europe use mobile for travel services. An unprecedented level of choice with roaming providers is driving down roaming rates to more competitive levels, and this is providing a powerful incentive for travelers to overcome the age-old fear of “bill shock” when they use roaming services abroad.

One result of this is that as EU travelers start to use mobile data abroad in the same way they do at home, a new opportunity is opening for using some of the data about their usage and leveraging that to enhance the way they use mobile for travel. Travelers, for example, who opt in to allow their usage data to be shared can empower companies and mobile service providers to analyze this information to find out things like where they like to travel to the most and what they like to shop for when they visit other countries. This insight can enable a new level of hyperpersonalized service based exactly on what an individual traveler’s usage patterns and personal preferences are.

I explore this concept in more detail in an article just published in Travel Bulletin magazine. I invite you to take a look at the article, “The Rise of the Mobile Tourist,” and share your opinions on this topic. What are some ways that you think travel companies can provide a more personalized experience to empower the “mobile tourist”? Please chime in and leave me a comment below.

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