Trends in India to Watch in 2015

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India-Kasturia-Thumbnail2015 promises to be another huge year for mobile, and in few countries will this be more true than India. With more than 900 million subscribers and over 15 million mobile devices sold each month, India has rapidly become one of the world’s largest mobile markets, second only to China. During the process, there has been a revolution in the ways that government and business interact with hundreds of millions of newly mobile-empowered Indian users.

I recently had an opportunity to explore how I think this revolution will continue in 2015 in an article for Developing Telecoms magazine. In the article, I explain some of the most important mobile trends that I see shaping India. One trend in particular is how IPX will play a crucial part in enabling the next wave of LTE rollout across the country.

I invite you to take a read and share any of your thoughts on the potential of India’s soaring mobile market. I would love to get your comments.

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Sanjay is a former Vice President and Managing Director of Sales in India for Syniverse.

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  1. avatar Dr.B.P.Singh says:

    IPX is very critical in roll out of LTE. The is very slow and the main cause is fiber backhaul unavailability in the major areas which is a must element in roll out. Otherwise LTE is quite simple to optimize and maintain. Benefits are numerous and beyond doubt

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