What’s Ahead in Mobile for 2015

2015_Trends-ThumbnailWhat will 2015 bring for the latest chapter of mobile?

At the start of last year’s December holiday season, I had the opportunity to explore my predictions in an in-depth video chat with Kelly Hill of RCR Wireless magazine. In our conversation, we had the chance to speak on everything from how the increasing use of mobile is redefining the shopping experience, to how the use of “mobile context” information is revolutionizing the way brands engage with customers, to how text messaging will continue to be the biggest workhorse of mobile communication.

I invite you to watch our conversation below to find out more, and I would love to know where you’re placing your bets as far as the most important trends for mobile in 2015. What technologies or lifestyle patterns do you think will shape mobile this year?

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Rob Hammond is a former Senior Director of Mobile Engagement at Syniverse.

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