Effective Mobile Engagement Needs Mobile Context

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Customer_Experience_Report-ThumbnailImagine that when you enter a mall where your favorite clothes store is, you get a text message with a 20 percent discount for exactly the kind of shirts you love. Or picture that just as your flight lands, you get a text message from your car-rental company welcoming you and allowing you to expedite check-in and pick up your car immediately.

This kind of hyperpersonalized customer experience has long been a goal of brands, but thanks to recent technology advancements, this experience is now becoming a reality. A new asset to unlock the characteristics of mobile users promises to revolutionize the context with which enterprises and mobile service providers can target their customer interactions.

The asset? The information on a mobile subscriber’s individual preferences mined from the vast amount of data that mobile operators have accumulated. If a subscriber opts in to allow this, operators can access all kinds of  information on their subscribers – everything from where they like to go, to how often they use different mobile channels, to how they like to be contacted by their favorite brands. This information can then be used to provide consumers with unparalleled service, convenience and customer experiences.

In a recently published article in Customer Experience Report magazine, I explore the new world of possibilities this mobile context information is opening for more precisely serving the individual preferences of customers. I invite you to check out the article, “Effective Mobile Engagement Needs Mobile Context,” and let me know your thoughts on the future of mobile context information.

How critical do you think it is for brands to begin to more closely cater to users’ mobile preferences and patterns in the near future? What’s most valuable to you as a consumer when you consider the role that mobile context plays in your life?

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