Syniverse Hosts Second Session of Mobile Engagement Webinar Series

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On April 15, I was delighted to participate in the second installment of a new Syniverse webinar series on mobile engagement that we launched in January. This webinar, “Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement,” focused on practical steps to get a mobile strategy off the ground. The content was widely applicable and can help virtually any company with its mobile projects.

Our first webinar, “In 2015 It’s All about ME . . . Mobile Engagement That Is,” on Jan. 27, provided an overview of best practices that companies can use mobile to enhance marketing opportunities and customer service. In “Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement,” we built on this with steps to get out of the starting gate with a mobile strategy. The session was led by our Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Clark, and included me along with Kevin Davis, Senior Professional Services Director in our Enterprise and Intelligence Solutions organization.

Here are a few key insights we touched on at our April 15 session.

  • Getting management buy-in – I discussed that a first step in implementing a mobile program is defining a solution for a true problem that is causing pain in a business and has everyone’s attention. This could include a number of actions, from reducing calls to customer service centers, to driving more visits to stores, to building stronger customer loyalty. How you tell the story about how mobile technology can solve this problem is crucial in getting executive buy-in. Additional best practices to help in this process are providing dynamic visual examples, such as website links or pictures. Showing something live can be a powerful proof point. There is just something compelling about a live demonstration over even a well-done PowerPoint deck. Another practice is showing a day-one benefit of the mobile strategy. A day-one benefit is something a company can realize immediately and rally behind. Solving a problem everyone recognizes is much easier to prioritize over an infrastructure project that will take time to impact daily operations.


Our team in action while conducting the webinar at Syniverse’s Tampa headquarters, with, from left, me; Kevin Davis; Louise Finlay, Marketing Communications Director; Bridget Earl, Senior Strategy Director; Kim Geralds, Global Digital Marketing and Strategy Senior Director; and Katrina Cashman, Senior Product Marketing Director. Not pictured is Mary Clark, who called in using her mobile device from London.

  • Defining the project – A second step that I talked about is defining the value and discrete benefits of a mobile strategy. Among the steps that Syniverse has developed to help companies on their mobile journey is the Mobile Engagement Maturity Model. The Mobile Engagement Maturity Model, which helps organizations understand and plan how their mobile marketing efforts currently fit in relation to a strategic vision for optimizing customer engagement. The model details relationships between different mobile engagement channels, such as text messaging, on the vertical axis, and how they correspond to business complexity, such as marketing automation, on the horizontal axis. Once a company has identified its current state, the model can be used to inform strategic decisions around which mobile channels and tools to invest in to provide the best ROI for that company’s engagement objectives. We’re excited about the potential of this model and think it can provide a compelling tool to assist companies in mapping their mobile journey.
  • Quantifying the results – My colleague Kevin Davis explained how to use numbers to tell the story of the success of a mobile program. It involves three basic parts. First, a company must integrate some component of mobile engagement in its current market ecosystem in order to begin to get a richer, more complete picture of the consumers. The second step is using this component to actually begin capturing mobile data from consumers and integrating it as a new data source in understanding consumers’ path to purchase. For the third step, a company must analyze that mobile data and use it to report results as well as to inform future mobile programs. Keeping in mind these three parts can help companies prepare a framework for effectively quantifying the results of mobile programs.

We had a terrific session and received a number of great questions and comments. It was this same kind of feedback from our first webinar that led us to plan “Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement,” and we look forward to using the feedback we just received to plan our webinars later this year.

If you have a suggestion on a mobile topic, please share! Or if you would like to share any thoughts on how you’ve overcome hurdles in your company’s mobile journey, I would love to hear that, too.


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