Mobile Ecosystem Forum Fosters Collaboration among Diverse Players

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Mobile_Ecosystem_Forum-ThumbnailIn just the blink of an eye, the number of technology giants and consumer companies forming today’s mobile ecosystem has expanded exponentially. Mobile network operators have been joined by IT and Internet services companies on the technology side, while banks, airlines and department store chains have entered on the consumer side. As a result, to reap the most reward from this diverse and rapidly growing mobile ecosystem, collaboration and cooperation among all of us is increasingly important.

On this front, I’m excited that I’ll be taking on a larger role with an organization that is helping lead just such an effort. Earlier this month, I received the privilege of being elected to the Asia Board of Directors for Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), and I’m now preparing for a unique opportunity to help shape the growth and trajectory of the mobile world in the Asia region.

MEF is a global trade association that facilitates the growth and interaction of companies seeking to monetize their products and services in the broadening mobile ecosystem. Established in 2000, MEF represents the total mobile ecosystem by providing an impartial voice among a range of companies across the mobile content and commerce value chain. By serving as objective facilitators in the middle of the mobile ecosystem, MEF helps champion innovation, foster partnerships and overcome barriers affecting the growth of the mobile ecosystem.

Some of the primary ways MEF helps various mobile players are through our events, analytics and initiatives:

  • Events – Through our chapters in Asia, EMEA, North America and Latin America, we host over 20 events a year that connect global mobile leaders, innovators and major players from different markets to learn, share best practices and establish new partnerships. A major event for MEF Asia will be our inaugural MEF Global Forum Mobile-First Markets taking place in Bangalore, India, on June 30.
  • Analytics – We produce a number of market and sector data and reports to help mobile strategy development. Of particular note is our annual Global Consumer Survey, which studies the trends and behaviors of 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries.
  • Initiatives – MEF’s initiatives focus on some of the newest and most important areas of mobile to foster partnerships and advance solutions for all mobile players. At present, two of our biggest initiatives are our Mobile Money and Consumer Trust programs.

I’m excited to be taking an active role in these efforts, and I’m especially eager to explore how I can integrate my insights from my Syniverse work, which dovetails with several areas of focus for MEF. In particular, Syniverse develops solutions to help companies determine the best strategy for customer engagement and deploy the right mobile tools to execute this strategy. Our approach to engagement is based on uncovering critical information that we call “mobile context.” This is insight into mobile subscriber information, behavior and location that is available to improve the customer experience – but only with the explicit approval of each subscriber. Our work with mobile context has a number of parallels with the work that MEF is focused on, and I’m looking forward to uncovering these areas of synergy.

More personally, the opportunity to serve on the Asia MEF Board is rewarding on a number of levels. The Board offers a valuable opportunity to help advance mobile technology and business innovations and act as the agent in the middle that brings these developments to fruition. It’s an exciting opportunity to simultaneously work with operators, consumer companies and other mobile players to exchange ideas, remove roadblocks and help the mobile experience reach its full potential. The Board also offers an opportunity to work with leaders who contribute an amazing range of different skill sets and allow us all to expand our knowledge and grow as mobile professionals. Finally, it’s rewarding and energizing to work with professionals who are so passionate about the new capabilities of mobile for both the consumer and the enterprise, and professionals who are willing to give so freely of their time to help mobile be the best it can be.

As the frontiers for mobile continue to expand, so does MEF’s mandate to ensure that the mobile experience for consumers and enterprises is as enriching as possible, and I’m excited to be a part of this potential.




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George Guo is a former Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Syniverse.

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