Seven Best Practices for Enhancing Data Roaming in the Mideast and Africa

Although data usage continues to soar, tapping the data roaming opportunity hasn’t been easy for today’s mobile operators. Despite the rising demand in data fueled by smartphones and rapid rise in domestic data usage, international data roaming usage has continued to grow slowly. Many would-be data roamers in the Middle East and Africa simply turn off data service when they travel outside their home countries.

However, two areas that offer promising remedies to this challenge lie in delivering a better quality of experience for travelers as well as providing them more personalized services. I recently had an opportunity to shed some light on these in a new article for SAMENA Trends magazine (Page 51), a publication of the SAMENA (South Asia Middle East North Africa Trends) Telecommunications Council. In the article, “Seven Best Practices for Enhancing Data Roaming in the Middle East and Africa,” I outline seven ways that Middle Eastern and African operators can improve the uptake of their international data roaming services.

I invite you to read the article (Page 51) and find out how I think these practices can help unlock a valuable market segment, and I would appreciate getting your comments on this topic.


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Nour Al Atassi is a former Regional Vice President and Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa at Syniverse.

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