Three Takeaways from Syniverse’s ‘Mapping the Mobile-First Customer Journey’ Webinar

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Webinar-Journey_7-15-ThumbnailOn July 8, I was delighted to facilitate the latest session in Syniverse’s mobile engagement webinar series. In the session, “Mapping the Mobile-First Customer Journey,” we were joined by Paul Berney, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the mobile educational and advisory firm  mCordis, and Rob Hammond, Senior Director of Mobile Engagement at Syniverse, to discuss how mobile is changing the customer journey.

Through their presentations and a lively Q-and-A session, Paul and Rob talked about how, in today’s mobile-first world, the mobile device has become the strongest connection a brand can have to its customers and how companies can leverage mobile to enhance the customer experience and drive stronger brand loyalty.

You can access a complete recording of the webinar here and copies of the slides on the Syniverse SlideShare page. In this post, though, I would like to share the top three takeaways from the session:

  1. Mobile is about behavior, not technology – One of the most common mistakes that companies make in addressing mobile is to focus too heavily on mobile as a technology. Mobile is much more than a handset or an app. Mobile both causes and enables behavioral change, and that’s because it’s personal. The mobile device is becoming the first thing we reach for in the morning, and for many, there’s more panic caused by forgetting a mobile phone when leaving the house than there is by forgetting a wallet. That’s why when looking at how to use mobile to enrich the customer experience, companies need to understand how and where those customers are using their devices to engage and interact. As Paul told us, mobile is the only channel that will let companies figure out the who, what, why and when simultaneously. In this way, it’s the most powerful link in helping shape and affect the behaviors of customers right along the entire customer journey.
  2. Mobile is the bridge between the physical and digital worlds – Today’s brands are no longer defined by a set of products but rather a combination of physical and digital experiences. As the bridge between the physical and digital worlds, mobile’s advantage is that it can bring a deeper-than-ever level of contextual relevance to that relationship at every stage of the customer journey. Mobile is both the beneficiary and the builder of the big data that can be captured on the mobile-first customer. The key, however, is to turn that big data into intelligent data and enable a richer and more relevant experience for the customer.
  3. Understanding what actions you want to drive with mobile is step one – Mobile is the only channel that is omnipresent throughout the customer journey. Consequently, there’s no doubt that it is the most powerful tool a company can use to drive action, or behaviors, as I described in the earlier takeaway. However, understanding what those actions or behaviors should look like isn’t always clear-cut, and defining them must be step one for any company looking to develop a mobile engagement strategy. Rob shared some great examples and use cases for driving different types of actions from customers. One example included using embedded links in SMS communications to drive better engagement with an app that might not be getting used as much as a company expects. Similarly, another example included using SMS communications with a loyalty program, to drive better redemption of special offers. Rob also talked through a couple of specific customer journeys where companies can use a series of cross-channel communications to enhance the customer experience and to support actions, including upselling services or products, or getting customer feedback to help improve customer service.

In short, what the webinar made abundantly clear was that if you’re not putting mobile at the center of your customer journey, then you’re going to get left behind. Today’s customers are mobile-first, and that means today’s companies need to be mobile-first as well.

What do you think? I would love to get your comments on the top three takeaways from the session. And I would love for you to let me know if you think there’s anything else that should be on the list after you’ve listened to the recording.


“Mapping the Mobile-First Customer Journey” builds on our two previous sessions that we’ve held as part of the mobile engagement webinar series we launched this year. Our first webinar, “In 2015 It’s All about ME . . . Mobile Engagement That Is,” on January 27, provided an overview of best practices that companies can use mobile to enhance marketing opportunities and customer service. In “Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement,” on April 15, we built on this with steps to get out of the starting gate with a mobile strategy. If you have a suggestion on a mobile engagement topic you’d like to see us explore in a future session, please let me know in a comment. 

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