New Infographic Demonstrates ‘The Power of the SMS Embedded Link’

SMS_Embedded_Link_InfographicIn a recent blog post, “Text Messaging Is the Bedrock for Better Mobile Engagement,” my colleague Rob Hammond shared some great insights on the power and impact of text messaging, or SMS. Among these, 90 percent of all text messages get read within three minutes of delivery.

Moreover, Rob commented, “With so much focus on apps and equipment, it’s easy to dismiss text messaging as ancient history. But in a mobile world of multiple devices, systems, and providers, messaging is still the one technology that bridges all mobile users regardless of location, network, or device.”

There is no denying the power of text messaging when it comes to engaging your customers. However, that power can be amplified even further when it’s used to take customers to rich content like videos, loyalty programs, games or mobile apps. That rich content is where brands can really start to deepen engagement with their customers through compelling digital experiences that enhance the customer journey and provide opportunities to inform or entertain mobile-first audiences.

Take video for example. A recent survey by ZenithOptimedia shows the massive growth in consumption of video by consumers on mobile devices rising worldwide, from 22.9 percent of time spent watching online video on a mobile device in 2012 to 40.1 percent in 2014. Further, the survey predicts that this will reach 52.7 percent in 2016 and 58.1 percent in 2017. With that growth, the prediction is that mobile will become the main platform for viewing online video by 2016.

And it’s not just video that can be used to deepen customer engagement. Loyalty programs are also known to be a significant driver of brand satisfaction. But while 48 percent of loyalty members agree they would like to engage with a program through their mobile device, only 12 percent download a program while 60 percent are not even aware if the program is available on their mobile device. To counter this trend, brands can embed links to their loyalty programs in text messages and send updates to customers who may not have engaged with a program in a while, or who may never have logged in to a loyalty program on their mobile device.

To put the power of text messages with embedded links in sharper perspective, we just created a new infographic titled “The Power of the SMS Embedded Link.” The infographic, which you can access through the link or image above, offers some of the most compelling data points on the effectiveness of text messaging along with a number of use cases that companies can use to better engage their customers.

I invite you to take a look and let me know your thoughts. Are you using embedded links in your text message marketing, and, if so, are you finding it’s helping drive engagement with your mobile-first customers?

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John Walker is former Vice President of Global Marketing Communications at Syniverse.

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