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In just a short time, the rapid rise of mobile has revolutionized India. This quick growth along with the soaring development of other industries here has transformed our country, bringing many new benefits but at the same time presenting a few new challenges. Syniverse’s Bangalore office recently had an opportunity to help take on one of these challenges, and in this post I would like to share our experience.

It’s truly amazing how much mobile use has skyrocketed in India and how rapidly the overall economy has developed. Consider that India now has more than 940 million mobile connections, according to GSMA Intelligence, and it’s become the second-largest mobile market in the world. What’s more, just 10 years after Syniverse’s first employee in India launched our business operations here, Syniverse’s India presence now has expanded considerably, to three offices and 750-plus employees.

Yet with all this growth, we’ve begun to see the importance of protecting our local environment. As the economy continues to boom for Syniverse as well as many other companies here, we see demand for such resources as more electricity and new building space grow more and more urgent. And one result of this is that our local community needs protection of its green spaces.

This is one reason why Syniverse’s Bangalore team members participated in a half-day tree-planting event in June in a neighborhood about 15 kilometers (9 miles) from our office. In partnership with a nonprofit organization called SayTrees, we helped put about 200 trees in the ground in an effort that included 30 Syniverse employees and family members, along with some 65 other Bangalore residents who took part.










Our team in action (left) and me (right) preparing one tree.

SayTrees is an impressive organization that we have been proud to partner with, and this project was our second collaboration. Since it was founded seven years, this group has helped plant over 23,000 trees in a number of areas in and around Bangalore. SayTrees members hold day jobs during the week and lead volunteer teams like ours on weekends. Their mission is not only to protect green spaces and create more of them by planting trees, but also to educate and inspire residents about the importance of green spaces as business growth places more demands on our environment.

With SayTrees’ help, at the end of our project, our team succeeded in converting a strip of unused land to a new grove of trees that added one more green space to balance Bangalore’s thriving growth. The tree planting was hot, not always easy, and sometimes dirty, but it was a rewarding effort that we hope will leave a green space to provide shade, clean air, and natural beauty for residents to enjoy for years to come.









Photos of the site before (left) and after (right) our tree planting.

For me, the most rewarding part of this project was watching our team work and feeling as if our 30 employees and family members represented the entire extended Syniverse family joining together for the good of Bangalore. The project allowed us to serve as a role model by volunteering our personal time, on a Saturday, and demonstrate how productive and rewarding a philanthropy project can be. The joy I saw on the faces of some of our volunteers, including many young children, made me proud that we are instilling the right inspiration and commitment in our community.


Some members of our team, with me left of center, in the white shirt.

On a broader level, it’s rewarding to add one more accomplishment to the range of local Syniverse philanthropy efforts taking place at many of our 35-plus locations around the world. As one of my colleagues at our London office, David Carter, recently reported in a blog post, at Syniverse, we seek to make a difference in our local communities in a number of ways, from financial giving, to volunteering, to partnering. The Bangalore team and I are privileged to have had an opportunity to make one more contribution toward this effort.





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Paresh Shah is a former Senior Vice President and General Manager of India at Syniverse.

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  1. avatar Kiran says:

    Excellent and very good initiative. Missed it this time because of personal reasons.

  2. avatar Frank says:

    This is awesome ! I always feel great about Syniverse when it comes to India CSR activities.
    The team and the Management support towards CSR initiatives is fantastic.
    Wishing you and the CSR team to make more difference by giving back to the community.

  3. avatar Rajesh says:

    Great job by Syniverse Bangalore team.

  4. avatar Thomas says:

    Cool thing, thank you guys!

  5. avatar Nan Gutierrez says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to help the environment. Thanks to those that participated we appreciate your efforts and those of your family members who attended.

  6. avatar Padmanabham Enduri says:

    Great initiative and look forward to extending this here in Hyderabad

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