Key Steps to a Simple but Successful Holiday Mobile Marketing Campaign

The holiday season is almost upon us, and if your brand hasn’t planned a mobile campaign yet or is now in the process of planning a mobile campaign for this season, now is the time to move into high gear. Among the many mobile options, text messaging continues to stand apart as one of the most effective mobile channels, with the greatest response rate. But to make the most of this channel this season, there are some simple but important steps to be aware of.

I recently had an opportunity to discuss some of these steps for Digital Marketing Magazine, and I invite you to peruse them. In my article, “Checking It Twice: Key Steps to a Simple but Successful Holiday Mobile Marketing Campaign,” I share a checklist to explain how getting customer opt-ins, making use of keyword campaigns, and confirming the accuracy of phone numbers are critical components in a holiday messaging campaign.

Please check out this checklist and let me know your thoughts. Has your company used a messaging campaign for past holiday seasons? If so, have you run into any challenges related to the steps above? I would love to get your comments.

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Fatema Hamdani is a former Vice President of Mobile Engagement and Protection Strategy at Syniverse.

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