Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement

ME-Hurdles-ThumbnailToday’s consumers increasingly want a more personalized mobile experience with their favorite brands and service providers. But identifying a strategy is only the first step in more directly

engaging them through mobile. Challenges like what mobile technologies to utilize and what personal wants to cater present a number of hurdles that can frequently derail a well-conceived campaign.

I shed some light on these in an article that was recently published in eMarketing+Commerce, “Overcoming Hurdles on the Road to Mobile Engagement.” In particular, the piece explores how thinking beyond an app, using multiple mobile channels, and taking advantage of “mobile context” offer three approaches to overcoming some common hurdles in a mobile engagement campaign.

I invite you to check out the article and let me know your thoughts. Have you faced any of these hurdles in your own mobile efforts?


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Mary Clark is a former Chief Corporate Relations Officer and Chief of Staff at Syniverse.

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