GSMA Latin America Conference Brings Together the Best to Fight Fraud

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If you’ve followed Synergy this year, you’ve probably seen some of our updates on the fight against fraud. As mobile use continues to soar and become a more and more important element of our lifestyles, fraud has become an increasing risk, and it’s an area that Syniverse has continued to put a major focus on. In this post, I would like to share another update on how we’re strengthening this focus.

A few weeks ago, several of my Syniverse colleagues and I attended the GSMA’s Latin America Security and Fraud Working Group conference in Buenos Aires. The conference, which was sponsored by Syniverse, brought together a wide range of professionals to shed light on some of the biggest challenges of and approaches for combating fraud, both in the Latin America market as well as the world at large. I was privileged to have the opportunity to share some of my insights in a presentation titled “Using Global Fraud Analysis for Predictive Local Fraud Prevention,” in which I explained Syniverse’s approach in how we use  the knowledge that we gain at a global level to develop new methodologies for predicting and blocking local fraud, both for roaming and domestic scenarios.

In my presentation and the conference overall, a big focus was on the main types of fraud that we’re seeing with operators today. Two of the most important of these include international revenue share fraud and bypass fraud. The challenges for operators in combating these fraud types vary, but the number of team members who can be dedicated to a fraud team to provide 24/7 coverage is one of the biggest hurdles. Another challenge for operators is assembling a team with members who have specific expertise in local types of fraud. These two challenges are exactly what we at Syniverse have been helping our customers address.

As the mobile industry continues to work on these challenges, the GSMA is playing a crucial role in helping us combine our efforts to devise better approaches. This organization is not only vital for setting standards to help fight fraud, but, more importantly, for promoting knowledge sharing and cooperation among operators. With the sheer speed and complexity with which the mobile landscape is changing, and the ways in which these create opportunities for fraud, it’s critical for us to have this tight collaboration.

You can read more about the conference in this GSMA article, and you can also share your thoughts on fraud at the bottom of this blog post. What do you think are the most important challenges that mobile fraud will present in the near future? Please leave me a comment.

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