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Synergy’s Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of Syniverse who make mobile work for our customers around the world.


Liang1What’s your title and role?
I’m Senior Technology Manager and an architect of our Roaming Control Center product, a real-time monitoring system that helps ensure a superior quality of experience for mobile users as well as enable more personalized service offerings. I work at Syniverse’s office in Campbell, Calif.

How long have you been at Syniverse?
I joined in 2014 through Syniverse’s acquisition of Aicent.

What are you working on this month?
I’m working with solution engineers, product managers and sales managers to pursue some new opportunities for Roaming Control Center, working with some Tier 1 customers to do integration testing, and teaming with some of our operation support groups to ensure a high level of service for some of our current Roaming Control Center customers.

What’s one of the most valuable insights you’ve gained during your career in mobile?
That there is always a challenge and an opportunity with each new technology advance in mobile. For example, 3G speed is available to most users now, 4G speed is rapidly being made available to many users now, and, in the not too distant future, 5G speed will be coming available. However, while these faster and faster network speeds present an amazing opportunity, as far as roaming, they can present a challenge in that operators sometimes have to control this speed and manage traffic to ensure the best quality of experience for their subscribers as a whole. I’m personally right in the thick of helping operators determine the best way to take advantage of these incredibly faster mobile network speeds but still deliver a smooth and consistent roaming experience, and I look forward to finding the best solution.

What’s been your best moment at Syniverse?
The best moment was getting our first Roaming Control Center customer when this system first went online in 2014. My colleagues and I had to work day and night for almost three months to complete the launch of Roaming Control Center. It was an exhausting process, but getting our first customers made the effort extremely rewarding.

What’s the best thing about working at Syniverse?
Having the opportunity to be involved in a leading company in such an innovative, fast-moving industry. New advancements in mobile technology continue to occur at lightning-fast speed, and in just the past few years, we’ve seen more revolutionary advancements than in the entire short history of mobile.

Tell us about your mobile lifestyle. What kind of phone do you use?
I use an iPhone 6.

What’s your favorite app or tool on your phone, and why?
It’s absolutely WeChat, a combination of multiple social networks, a payment platform, a bank account manager and a lot of other things. During the Chinese New Year celebration this year, I used WeChat to have video calls with friends in multiple countries, send some “lucky money” to my family, get discounts from some restaurants, and talk with some co-workers when their voice calling and text messaging services weren’t working.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without using your phone recently?
For 16 hours, during a recent flight, when I had to turn off my phone.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I like cooking and baking, which I find similar to coding. The process needs imagination and energy, and it produces a result that is rewarding and enjoyable.

Me with my family during a trip to Las Vegas during Christmastime.

Me with my family during a trip to Las Vegas during Christmastime.

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Fenny Liang is Senior Technology Manager in Syniverse's office in Campbell, Calif.

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  1. avatar Irene Lobos says:

    I want to add that Fenny is one of the most talented and hard working people I have met in my years in the telecom industry.

  2. avatar Steven Sun says:

    I have worked with Fenny for several years since in Aicent, she is one of the most responsible, wise, full of originality and hard working people.

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