Putting Mobile Privacy in Focus in the Middle East and North Africa

Mobile data use is on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa, and with it the opportunities for using big data to enrich mobile users’ experiences offer huge potential in the next few years. Yet, despite all the new possibilities for big data, there has been one question that many of us in the mobile industry and in the consumer sector have been trying to determine: How much are consumers willing to share personal data in return for more personalized services along their mobile journey?

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Syniverse shared the results of a study we commissioned to help answer this, and I recently had an opportunity to shed light on what the results mean for the Middle East and North Africa mobile market. In a new article titled “Putting Mobile Privacy in Focus in MENA” (on Page 77) in SAMENA Trends magazine, a publication of the SAMENA (South Asia Middle East North Africa) Telecommunications Council, I examine how we as an industry must take consumer privacy concerns more seriously in order to realize the potential of big data.

I invite you to read the article to find out my perspectives, and I would also appreciate getting any thoughts you have on this topic.

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Nour Al Atassi is a former Regional Vice President and Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa at Syniverse.

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