The Mobile Network Gives Syniverse Guest Editor Role for Newest Issue

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The latest issue of The Mobile Network (TMN) Quarterly has just been published and, in a first for us at TMN, we have allowed the issue to be guest-edited by Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer of Syniverse. I believe this marks the first time that any industry publication in the telecoms sector has engaged a guest editor. So let me begin this post by first addressing some likely questions about the issue and explaining why we did this.

  1. Why have a guest editor? Why hand over a whole issue to another person’s vision and perspective?
    Well, the answer is contained in the question — it was all about getting another view. After producing 13 issues of TMN Quarterly, what we were hoping for was a fresh perspective, one informed by an editor who came with a different view of the industry.
  2. What was involved in the guest editorship?
    We asked Mary to come up with four core feature outlines for the issue. These could genuinely be on any topic — in fact, the whole point was that they would not necessarily “chime” with any perceived TMN vision of the industry. We also asked her to nominate some candidate companies and countries for our regular feature items. Then we got to work, just as we would on any issue.
  3. What was the outcome?
    Well, if you register to receive your own copy, then you can be the judge. But in my opinion, the guest editorship has delivered a fresh and thought-provoking issue that we as a team at TMN could not have delivered on our own.

With these questions answered, let me go into a little more depth on our deeper goals with this guest editor issue.

Although we have covered a wide variety of topics in the 13 prior issues of TMN Quarterly — from network technology to security issues to societal impact — there’s no doubt we have tended to be primarily network-centric in our thinking. It was apparent to me that Mary’s focus was on the consumer experience, and on how to fulfill mobile’s unique potential as a platform for engagement and service delivery.

That has given the issue a real coherent feel as it grapples with the relationships between consumers and brands, publishers, content providers and mobile operators. So our features on privacy, on contextual services, on ad blocking and on LTE network rollouts all ask difficult questions and recognize very real challenges.

In fact, these features also carry an implicit existential question for mobile operators, which is whether they can be the agents of change in this industry or merely bystanders, as others like Facebook and Google scoop the prizes?

If operators are to remain relevant to the way in which consumers access services through their devices, then the features in this issue suggest that operators’ only path is to act as brokers of context, of security, of privacy and of data integrity. In this way – combined, of course, with the best, most responsive networks — they can be guarantors of the consumer experience.

So with Mary and her team at Syniverse coming at this issue from the point of view of the consumer, we got exactly what we hoped for from a guest editor — a revelatory view on the mobile industry.

I’d also like to add that Mary’s chosen features were also incredibly topical, meaning that they should be read as part of an ongoing discussion — one that I know that Syniverse will be well-placed to play its part in.

Just on ad blocking alone, the story seemed to change every day. In the time just before going to print, one privacy campaigner started a campaign to name and shame publishers that, he claims, are breaking the law by detecting the use of ad blockers by visitors to their site. He says his next step is to take a test case to court. And even as I write this blog post, a U.K. operator — Three UK — has announced it will run a trial of ad blocking tech at the network level.

So I urge you to sign up to receive your own copy of the issue, and also to stay engaged to read more on these developing topics here on Synergy and on the TMN website.

Finally, I must thank Mary and her team at Syniverse for understanding what we were trying to do, and for being great partners. We asked Mary and Syniverse to work with us because we knew they had a unique view, sitting as they do at the heart of global networks and striving to enable richer mobile engagement and service delivery. That turned out to be a great hunch, and their vision has delivered a truly interesting issue.

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