Syniverse Returns to Foster Home to Help Children in Beijing

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Over the past year, we’ve featured several reports on Synergy about how we’ve been making great strides in building our presence in China, and we recently took another step in this effort that I’m happy to share here.

In August, our Beijing employee association organized a second trip to New Day Foster Home to help brighten the lives of orphaned and seriously ill children by donating supplies and volunteering time to hold and interact with them. New Day is a nonprofit that was founded with the mission to give a loving home to orphans and provide life-saving surgery to children with special needs. This nonprofit has a staff of over 200 people in China and operates a 25-bed care center in Beijing as one of several that delivers specialized medical care, physical therapy, preschool education and emotional support to children across China.

Our team: (from left) Amber Chang , Kira Li, me, Lucy Qu and Arthur Liu.

Our team: (from left) Amber Chang , Kira Li, me, Lucy Qu and Arthur Liu.

As with our first visit, our effort included collecting donations of diapers, toys and clothes from our office as well as volunteering about half a day of our time at the New Day center. We played with the children who were healthy enough to interact, and held those children who were not. The donations, which included about 40 large boxes, offered much-needed goods for the center that will help many children, but it was our personal time with the children that had the most meaning for me.

The opportunity to hold and interact with these disadvantaged children was truly an experience beyond words. For me, one of the most powerful moments was when I caught up with a baby girl that I met on our first trip to New Day, last November. She was just three months old then and was recovering from heart surgery. Even though she was weak, when I held her I could still feel her body’s determination to thrive and her strong curiosity in me and the people around her. When I saw her on our latest visit, nine months later, I was amazed to see what a healthy and beautiful girl she had grown into! Her smile melted my heart and inspired everyone on our team to do even more to help children like this. It was a moment I’ll treasure forever.



We collected a large amount of diapers to give to New Day.



We also donated toys and clothes.

Our visit was organized by our employee association, part of Syniverse’s global organization that leads charitable and extracurricular activities in communities where Syniverse offices are located, and is one more way we’re trying to give back to our community in Greater China. Syniverse has been a part of this community for over a decade now, with an organization over 200 people strong and growing.

With our large team in Beijing, we look forward to many more events to help those less fortunate. As part of this effort, our visits to New Day have allowed us to brighten the lives of some very special children that we will never forget.



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