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Synergy’s Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of Syniverse who make mobile work for our customers around the world.

Ding7What’s your title and role at Syniverse?
I’m Vice President of Service Operations and based in the Beijing office. My primary responsibilities are managing teams for Syniverse’s IPX transport services; Diameter Signaling Service; Mobile Policy Control Center, our end-to-end roaming policy management system; and Roaming Intelligence Suite, a comprehensive data roaming analysis and monitoring system.

How long have you been at Syniverse?
I’ve been with the company 15 years now. I started as Technical Support Engineer, and one of my first projects was helping establish the world’s first General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) 2.5G data roaming exchange system, back in 2001. More recently, in 2012, I helped with the launch of the world’s first international LTE data roaming service by facilitating the diameter signaling between home and visiting operators. With the opportunity to work on these kinds of projects, it’s been a fast and exciting 15 years, and I’ve been fortunate to see the rapid development of many mobile technologies firsthand.

What are you working on this month?
I’m currently working on restructuring the team to support our fast-growing Mobile Policy Control Center business, including a new Local Data Rate (LDR) service, which is a service to enable outbound roamers to be able to enjoy international data roaming using local data rates without changing their mobile SIM cards.

Another project is identifying operations requirements in managing our Mobile Policy Control Center and Diameter Signaling Service from both an internal and external perspective to better meet our customers’ needs. For example, customers that use Mobile Policy Control Center to do data roaming throttling place a high priority on their data accuracy in comparison to their data clearinghouse data, which is directly related to their roaming interoperator tariff payout. For this reason, our operations, R&D, and product management teams have been working together to continue to improve the ways we monitor, detect and reconcile any data accuracy anomalies by analyzing data across our network.

What’s one of the most valuable insights you’ve gained during your career in mobile?
One insight is that even though mobile technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, companies in the mobile industry expect their vendors to have secure and reliable operations on the one hand, but also operations that are flexible and nimble on the other. Balancing the challenges of maintaining the highest security with standard, proven processes while at the same time being able to implement new innovations and services quickly is not easy, but they are challenges that the competitive, fast-moving mobile industry demands. To meet these challenges, at Syniverse we have established a system of continuous improvement along with a process for rapid response to changes that have positioned us well to become better and better at meeting these challenges.

What’s been your best moment at Syniverse?
One of the best moments I had took place recently when we managed to successfully complete the migration for over 160 messaging customers of the former Aicent (which Syniverse acquired) to a single Syniverse platform without any major service disruption. Critically, the whole project – from project management, to architecture design, to service deployment, to customer coordination, to system cut-over – involved some of the best work I’ve ever been involved with. It included a number of team members from many different functional areas and a lot of close collaboration and hard work under tight deadlines. The teamwork is something I will never forget.

What’s the best thing about working at Syniverse?
One of the best things about working at Syniverse is the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. The chance to be exposed to such a diverse range of experienced professionals has enabled me to develop a better set of best practices to bring to my customer work than I would have otherwise.

Tell us about your mobile lifestyle. What kind of phone do you use?
I use an iPhone 6S now, but I’m excited about the new waterproof iPhone7 and look forward to trying it soon.

What’s your favorite app or tool on your phone?
My favorite apps are Gudong and Ximalaya FM. I use the first app to track my outdoor jogging and cycling workouts, and I use the second to listen to my favorite educational and current-issues podcasts. In this way, I am able to stay fit while at the same time consuming a lot of books about the economy, history, culture, psychology, etc. I can’t help from multitasking all the time!

What’s the longest you’ve gone without using your phone recently?
This May, I went to Sea World marine park with my daughter and was away from my phone for most of the day, since my phone isn’t waterproof and SeaWorld has water exhibits everywhere.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I like sports and outdoor activities like running, badminton, tennis, hiking, ziplining and white-water rafting. I also enjoy traveling to different places to experience different cultures. In the last few years, I’ve visited Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Niagara Falls, Canada, and many beautiful places right here in China.


My daughter and husband with me at Niagara Falls, Canada.

My daughter and husband with me at Niagara Falls, Canada.


Ziplining in Tremblant, Canada.

Ziplining in Tremblant, Canada.


At the famous Stone Forest of Shilin National Park in China, wearing the traditional dress of the Yunnan province.

At the famous Stone Forest of Shilin National Park in China, wearing the traditional dress of the Yunnan province.


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Vivian Ding is Vice President of Service Operations and works at Syniverse's Beijing office.

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