New Guide Helps Mobile Marketers Answer ‘Are You Talking to the Right Person?’

More than ever before, new technologies and more sophisticated processes are opening a world of opportunity for brands to use mobile marketing tools to better reach and engage customers.

But above all, optimal delivery of these carefully crafted mobile messages depends on one crucial factor: ensuring the phone number that a voice call or text message is being directed to is linked to the right customer. High failure rates for text message delivery – especially for time-critical and data-sensitive notifications like one-time passwords, loyalty updates, transaction confirmations or fraud alerts – can pose severe challenges for customer retention and brand loyalty.

Even more importantly, the U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits companies from making pre-recorded calls or sending text messages without a customer’s express written consent. And the consequences associated with violating this act are steep. Fines can range from $500 to $1,500 per unsolicited call or text message, and these costs have been soaring as the number of consumer lawsuit filings related to TCPA violations have been climbing at a compound annual growth rate of over 60 percent over the last five years.

On top of this, every day, over 100,000 mobile phone numbers are deactivated in the U.S. and approximately 85 percent of those numbers are ported to another mobile operator. For this reason, having the capability to detect the 15 percent of numbers that are deactivated and reassigned has become Priority 1 for any brand conducting mobile campaigns with its customers.

To help companies navigate these challenges and specifically mitigate the risk of TCPA violations, Syniverse has just released a new guide titled “Are You Talking to the Right Person.” The guide provides a concise overview of TCPA, poses a set of best practices to lessen the risk of a TCPA violation, and introduces the Syniverse Mobile Identity Solution that can be deployed to help prevent TCPA violations.


I invite you to find out more by downloading the guide and learning how better validation of customer data and adherence of TCPA regulations can make a critical difference in a mobile marketing campaign.

And I invite you to share any thoughts and questions you may have on this topic in the comments section here. I look forward to your feedback.

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