Video Shows Power of Text Messaging in Reaching Right Customer at Right Time

The growing use of text messaging is opening a new world of opportunity for brands to reach customers with more highly targeted transactional and promotional messages. With 95 percent of text messages being read within three minutes of delivery, text messaging offers an extremely reliable channel that can provide customers with information that is most important to them, as well as a channel that can engage customers in their exact moment of need.

To illustrate this in action, we’ve developed a new animated video that demonstrates just a couple of the many use cases that text messaging can support. The video follows the paths of José and Celine, whose journeys are different but are both improved by the use of a timely text message. Their stories show just a glimpse into the many number of ways that brands can use text messaging to achieve positive business results, such as by re-engaging with customers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Take a look at the video, and let me know what you think. In what other ways do you think text messaging can be used to create meaningful mobile experiences with customers?

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Elizabeth Carbone joined Syniverse in 2013 and is focused on developing both content and messaging strategies for Syniverse’s Mobile Engagement, Cross-Channel Messaging and Phone Number Verification solutions. Among her responsibilities, she helps manage market research and analysis for customers to provide perspective on where mobile is heading and how companies can use research data to foster stronger mobile engagement with their customers. She also uses this data to create a variety of research and marketing materials – such as infographics, how-to guides, and presentations – to help companies in the vertical markets that Syniverse focuses on. Prior to joining Syniverse, Elizabeth worked as a Graduate Assistant at the University of South Florida and a Sales and Marketing Manager for her family’s commercial landscaping business. She holds a Master of Science degree in marketing and a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and management from the University of South Florida.

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