‘VoLTE Charging and Clearing Explained’ Completes Syniverse’s New Guide Series

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve published two new guides on one of the most rapidly growing areas of mobile, Voice over LTE , or VoLTE, and I’m delighted here to unveil our latest installment, “VoLTE Charging and Clearing Explained.”

This guide marks the third and final part of our series, a collection of some of our top learnings and best practices from our recent VoLTE customer work, and it complements our two previous guides, “Understanding VoLTE Interconnect” and “Understanding VoLTE Roaming.”

Our third guide focuses on another crucial pillar of VoLTE that we at Syniverse have been right in the thick of helping our customers with. In particular, the advanced applications of VoLTE have created a new challenge around how to charge for these services in a way that will benefit both operators and  subscribers. Our latest guide helps operators address the complexities of charging and clearing services for VoLTE roaming over an LTE network, including these questions:

  • How does charging differ between home-based routing (S8HR) and local breakout architectures?
  • How can voice service and data service be charged for accurately with VoLTE?
  • How do roaming partnerships and charging change with VoLTE?

I invite you to download our guide below to find out more, and to check out our other guides as well.

VoLTE is quickly gaining ground as a new voice-service standard, and we look forward to sharing more insights on this fast-moving area of mobile. I hope you find our perspectives useful, and I would love to know any thoughts. Please leave a comment below.

“VoLTE Charging and Clearing Explained” Guide

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