5G and RCS Emerge as Big Topics at Mobile World Congress

I recently returned from another Mobile World Congress, and what a week it was. The three or four nonstop, action-packed days I usually spend there play such an incredible part in setting the pace for my work and the mobile industry for the rest of the year.

This time, to capture some of the momentum there from all my customer meetings, I took a few moments to record my impressions. In this video, which you can watch below, I talk about some of my big takeaways from the show, the emerging opportunities I see gaining speed now, and the most important new technologies taking shape this year. In this last area, 5G and RCS are two technologies that will definitely be major forces this year, and ones that Syniverse will be closely involved in.

I invite you to check out my video to find out more, and to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment further below.





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Nour Al Atassi joined Syniverse in 2013 and leads the company’s business in the Middle East as Regional Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and Africa. Mr. Al Atassi brings more than 10 years of leadership experience with top technology companies. Prior to joining Syniverse, for six years he served in senior sales positions for MACH, before it was acquired by Syniverse. Previous to that, he served as Business Development Manager at HumanSoft, where he headed sales for the latest technologies in training and human resources development systems. Mr. Al Atassi holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Balamand in Lebanon and an MBA from the University of Wales in the U.K. He is a frequent speaker at the GSMA Arab World Summit and other industry events in the Middle East and Africa.

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