Big Data

What You Need to Know: Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing in the Digital Transformation

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Chief Corporate Relations Officer Mary Clark talks with Chief Technology Officer Chris Rivera.

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CMOs and Attribution: Reaching the Actual Customer vs. the Measurement Science That Reaches the Device

Identifying network users is imperative.

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Not Every Day Do I Use the Words ‘Surface of Attack’

The latest global cyberattack presents a new imperative for today’s chief marketing officers.

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Can the Public Internet Secure Our Digital Assets?

Syniverse’s Chief Corporate Relations Officer examines how the high-level protection needed for today’s digital assets is challenged by the insecure public internet.

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Mitigating Systemic Risk: Are You a ‘Triple-A’ Company?

Syniverse’s Chief Corporate Relations Officer discusses the need for companies to more proactively manage their risk on the public internet.

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